Hi everyone:

I think holidays (if you have) is a good time to practise a bit (come on, don't be lazy). That's why I leave two good links from the BBC learning English service and BBC/ British Council teaching English websites.

The first link is also about phonetics, but in this case you have videos in which you're explained about how to pronounce. You only have to click the sound you want to practise. There's also some fun if you go to "quizzes" section. My experience in my speaking class was very positive, so why not trying?

Pronunciation videos.

The second link is about the phonemic chart. Yes, I know it may seem a bit difficult or specialised. Don't be afraid, you mustn't learn them by heart, it's just for your information.

Phonemic chart. 

I hope you like them.
Sorry for its size. It can't be bigger.
Link for the picture. 

Images taken from: http://sites.google.com/site/mrniceguyonly/_/rsrc/1257079487965/phonetics/chart.JPG?height=578&width=806 and http://sites.google.com/site/mrniceguyonly/_/rsrc/1224961946095/phonetics/n534417791_1409128_4774.jpg

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