Hello fans:

Today's post is about more podcasts (you know the Web is a great ocean of resources). Let's start:
  • The first one is divided into three levels. It also has a business English section. You can also find videos. They are short and very specific, but easy to follow. And you know you can always repeat them several times. So choose your level and start listening. Podcasts in English.
  • The second web is a specific site with podcasts about lots of topics. Every podcast has got three parts: the conversation (at low speed), an explanation about the vocabulary and expressions and, finally, the same conversation at normal speed. So, as you can see, it's very complete. English as a second language podcasts.
  • The third one is a very complete web, where you can find free lessons of all levels and varied material. All you have to do is signing up (it's free and you only need a email address and user name) to start the tour. Englishpod (free lessons).

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